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Below you can find some of my video productions I have made over the years.

Work for the Bison Information Network

  1. Sidewalk Stampede (2012-2013, In order of oldest to newest) new
  2. 2013 National FCS Preview Show (Graphics, including full-pages) new
  3. Anchor for 'SU TV News new

Work for Little Falls Community High School's "Flyer Media Productions" (4 videos) new

  1. "Planet Snow: A documentary" -- A parody of "Planet Earth" made for Little Falls' Nordic Skiing team. (Early 2011)
  2. "Kaboom!" -- A commercial for a super-stick "klister" ski wax for Little Falls' Nordic Skiing team. (Early 2011)
  3. "Cool in the School: Mr. Stockard" -- A video tribute to one of our favorite high school teachers. (Early 2011)
  4. "Video Games in Real Life" -- A 2-hour production challenge between myself and a friend to record, cut, and rotoscope a video game during two class periods. (Mid-2011)

Contest work (2 videos) new

  1. "Before One More - Finality" -- Winner of NDSU's "Before One More" commercial contest (Late 2011)
  2. "The Independence of the Federal Reserve: Sketch'd Out" -- Runner up of the Federal Reserve's National Video Competition (Early 2011)